"Literally every complaint I get from readers boils down to the fact that their psychiatrists refuse to listen."

A Patient's Bill of Rights


YOU - yes, you - determine the issues, not those who claim to speak and write on your behalf. From listening to thousands of you, I know that your number one concern is getting well and staying well. I address that concern with everything I've got in the other sections of this site.

But a lot of our knock-me-over-with-a-feather moments occur when we shift focus a bit. Here you will find a sampling of my personal musings culled from further afield - advocacy, literature, the Bible.

A brief word: We have a lot of things to be angry over, but the purpose here is to give you something to think about. Anger may motivate us to take action. But way too often it keeps us stuck. Thinking moves us forward. If you find something here that informs you in your recovery then I have tapped into a real issue. You be the judge.

Finally, laughter is the best medicine. My article on rules for right living reflects this.

The pic to illustrate Issues is a close-up of Raphael's "The School of Athens." Here we see Socrates engaging in a dialogue with a student. Socrates always challenged our cherished beliefs, strongly suggesting that anyone who claims to know the answers is a fraud. Indeed, if there is an absolute truth, there is no way of knowing it, much less knowing we know it.



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