"Depressed men, by healing themselves, bring peace to their ancestors and protection to their offspring." - Terrence Real

Depression in Men


IF YOU are a kid or used to be one or plan to be one again, you need to be reading the articles in this section. Same is true if you are either a male or female, or know one who is. Likewise if you are growing older rather than younger, are a second-generation human, and associate with same.

Our age, gender, and circumstances greatly impact how our genes react to our environment. In turn, our special needs are likely to add new twists to our treatment and recovery.

For all but a few disorders, the DSM makes no distinctions between populations, as if depression manifests exactly the same in men and women or as if a kid somehow must meet strict adult criteria for bipolar in order for his or her suffering to be taken seriously. The real world simply doesn't operate that way.

The pic to illustrate Populations is a close-up of Bruegel's "The Wedding Dance." We may share our humanity in common, but each one of us is also unique, and to be valued as such.




Depression in Kids

Pay close attention, but be careful.


Child Bipolar - Part One

No, it's not normal kid behavior.


Child Bipolar - Part Two

Very much like adult bipolar, but watch for certain features.


Child Bipolar - Part Three

Kids face similar challenges as adults, but with less ability to cope.


Are We Over-Medicating Our Kids?

Pharma's credibility has taken a beating. What does this mean for our kids?


Depression in Women

Are women more vulnerable? Or is something else going on?


Postpartum Depression

Ignorance gives this condition far more power than it deserves.


Depression in Men - Part One

Real men don't need help, right?


Depression in Men - Part Two

What do you call a miserable and irritable man? Normal.

Ethnicity, Identity

Ethnicity, Poverty, and Depression

Mental illness gets an ample assist from our lot in life.

Work, School

Is Work Driving Us Crazy?

The worst thing may be going to work. The other worst thing may be staying home.


Is School Driving Us Crazy?

This is a very vulnerable time.