"All too frequently we find ourselves alone, shunned by the world around us and lacking the strength to make our presence felt."

Mental Water Torture


MEDS are a very important part of your recovery strategy. Here you will find all the crucial things your doctor forgot to tell you. The articles on antidepressants are meant to be read sequentially. If you stumbled into the middle as the result of a web search, I strongly suggest starting at the beginning.

The same applies to the articles on bipolar meds treatment.

Meanwhile, talking therapy may make your meds work better or may help you manage your life without meds. Jump in wherever you like.

The meds compliance articles are based on my first - and last - ground rounds in 2008. When the clinicians in the audience accorded me the same reception as Bill Gates at an Apple convention, I know I was on the right track. Jump in wherever you like.

The topic of ECT evokes stong emotional reactions. The reality is that over the years, as the worth of antidepressants was being called into question, ECT treatment kept improving. Read the article. Draw your own conclusions.

Sooner or later, we are bound to find the perfect natural supplements treatment, but we haven't found it yet. This shouldn't stop you from making your own investigations. Read on ...

The pic to illustrate Treatment is a close-up of Vermeer's "Cavalier with Young Woman." I use a different Vermeer to illustrate "Recovery." The Treatment pic has two people in it, suggesting the wisdom of seeking expert help. The Recovery pic has a solitary woman actively engaged in a pursuit, reinforcing the notion that we are in charge.




The Bad News First

No one in their right mind would take one, but what if you're depressed?


Right Med, Wrong Illness?

The best we can say for antidepressants is they work for some people.


The Chemical Imbalance Myth

The brain is not chemical soup that can use more serotonin.


Five Things You Need to Know

You will be much happier with the results if you expect very little.


Treatment Strategies

Important considerations your doctor forgot to tell you.

Treating Bipolar

The Problem with Bipolar Meds

You have a cycling illness. Your doctor thinks you have an episodic illness.


Treating Mania

You want your life back. Your doctor wants to keep you out of the hospital.


Treating Hypomania

You want to keep your true identity. Your doctor thinks that's your illness talking.


Treating Bipolar Depression

You're depressed, way more than you are manic. That's news to your doctor.


Lithium and Mood Stabilizers

Your doctor has confidence in these meds. You need to be sceptical.



Your psychiatrist tends to listen to drug reps. You need to listen to the facts.

Meds Compliance Issues

The Problem Clinician

The problem could be doctors who don't listen.


Problem Patients, Problem Meds

Sending patients out the door with just a prescription is not treatment.


Opportunity Lost

Doctors have one window of opportunity. It closes very fast.


Cognitive Therapy

Can you actually THINK your way around depression and mania and anxiety?


ECT - Breaking Down the Hysteria

Can we have a rational discussion - please?


Supplements and Natural Remedies

Read this first ...


Medical Marijuana

It may be just what the doctor ordered, but can we trust ourselves?

Treatment FAQs


Depression Treatment FAQ

Your definitive cheat sheet...


Bipolar Treatment FAQ

Your definitive cheat sheet...