"Didn't anyone understand? I'M NORMAL! I wanted to shout. I've always been normal."

To Madness and Back


OUR STORIES inform and bind us. Here, you will find snapshots of my life. The first five gushed out of me in a mad stream soon after I was diagnosed in 1999. The sixth is an amalgamation of two reflective essays that followed soon after.

Suddenly, it seemed, my past had a mad coherency. The exercise proved cathartic and healing. This series was part of my original 50 or so pieces when I debuted mcmanweb in late 2000. As a group, they are the only original articles that remain substantially unchanged on this site.

Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." For what it's worth, here's mine ...

The pic to illustrate Stories is Fragonard's "A Young Girl Reading." We all have stories in us. What the woman in the illustration does after reading one of them is up to her. Who knows, once she gets out of that chair.



When I First Knew I Was Different

A young boy discovers an unpleasant truth.

Alone, Against the World

A small skinny kid learns to cope.

Aloysius and Me

First love and a family saint.

Crash and Burn

Looking back, I never stood a chance

To Madness and Back

Rage, Goddess, sing the rage.

At Long Last - Healing

Writing about the illness that nearly killed me was the key to my recovery.