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Knowledge is Necessity. At the end of 2007, I bought a new iMac. It had this thing called a webcam. I played around with it and in the spring of 2008 I actually made a few videos. This led to my purchase a few months later of a videocam and FinalCut software. One thing led to another. I hope you have as much fun viewing these as I did making them.

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Mindfulness - The Ultimate Mood Stabilizer

My recovery secret weapon.

Mindfulnes - Living in the Present

The present is where life is happening, here, right now.



Nature heals. So do our brains.


Managing Anger

No koalas were harmed making this video.

bipolar time warp

The Bipolar Time Warp

Yup, we make time speed up and slow down.

brilliant lives

Brilliant Lives Cut Short

Marilyn, Van Gogh, and more ...



Isolation and depression feed off of each other.

living well

Living Well with Depression and Bipolar Disorder

I talk about my book.

knowledge is necessity

Knowledge is Necessity

My blog of the same name.


The Road to Nowhere

Don't let your brain fool you. We're always somewhere..


My Didgeridoo Experience

Doing fun stuff is what recovery is all about.


"All too frequently we find ourselves alone, shunned by the world around us and lacking the strength to make our presence felt."

Mental Water Torture


One quick look at the menu below will tell you that depression and bipolar disorder are terms rather than realities. Yes, we need to know all about the fine points of diagnostic categories, but far more vital is context. Your so-called depression may track more like bipolar. Conversely, if you have bipolar you are likely to be depressed way more than you are manic. Similarly, you are certain to have a lot more going on than just mood.

If you came here looking for info on depression, I strongly urge you to read the articles on bipolar disorder as well, plus the mood spectrum articles. This is because there is a good chance that your doctor may have misdiagnosed you with clinical depression when you may have bipolar or something going on in the mood spectrum.

Most individuals with bipolar were first misdiagnosed with depression and put on the wrong treatments. We don't want this to happen to you.

Note: the first four articles on depression are meant to be read as a series.

Enough talking. The first step in living well involves knowing thyself. The articles below will get you started.

The pic to illustrate Mood is a close-up of La Tour's "Magdalen at Night." The woman seems to question her very existence. We have all been there.




Depression - What is It?

Your doctor confirms what you already know. Now what?


Figuring Out Depression

"Depression" doesn't begin to explain what is going on.


Placing Depression in Context

Your depression didn't just come out of nowhere.


Depression Plus

There is a lot more to your depression than just depression.


Atypical Depression

Has atypical grown too atypical to be clinically useful?


Mental Water Torture

Don't let the term mild depression fool you.


Seasonal Affective Disorder

Many of us have decidedly unsunny dispositions.


Postpartum Depression

Ignorance gives this illness far more power than it deserves.


Depression FAQ

Your definitive depression cheat sheet.


Bipolar - Really a Cycling Illness

Episodes get all the attention, but ...


Bipolar I and Mania

When our runaway brains are untethered to reality.


Bipolar II and Hypomania

Very common condition, very little knowledge.


Bipolar - Sharpening the Diagnostic Picture

Does the DSM provide an accurate picture? The short answer is no.


The Bipolar Time Warp

Bipolar can speed up or slow down time.


Depression - What is It?

Your doctor confirms what you already know. Now what?